Hello friends! I proudly present to you my "Tanky"game, which has been my major project in the JAVA programming language. 2 players are needed, and the game's objective is, in case you haven't guessed it, to hit your opponent  with a grenade.

For starters, you might have to click on the playfield in order for it to 'listen' to your keyboard.

The left tank is manoeuvred by the following keys:

Q = forward; A = backward; Caps Lock = turning left; S = turning right; SPACE = fire!

I have selected these keys to be comfortably positioned underneath your left hand.

The right tank is manoeuvred by numeric keys on the right side of the keyboard, requiring the "Num Lock" to be switched on :

8 = forward; 5 = backward; 4 = turning left; 6 = turning right; RIGHT ARROW (should be underneath your right thumb) = fire!

The white cross initially in the centre of the playfield is the "recharge area": When you drive over it, your tank will receive 5 new grenades. You will notice that the position of the white cross is randomly refreshed at a fixed rate.

You can reset the game by simply clicking the "refresh"/ "reload" -button of your browser.

Oh yeah there's one more thing: Don't forget to turn on the sound!

Please mail me if you have any suggestions. Enjoy!

Peter (peterdammers@ymail.com).